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  •  to arouse interest in, to promote and preserve Bruny Island History

  • to collect, record, preserve and classify works, source material and artefacts of all kinds relating to Bruny Island history;

  • to assist in the protection and preservation of buildings, works and sites of historical significance on Bruny Island

  • to co-operate with similar societies and other bodies throughout Australia

History of the Society 

The Bruny History Collection was established during the Bicentennial year of 1988, local history research has continued over the years  with information coming from field excursions, member research and oral history from Bruny families.


The History Room was established in 1997 primarily for the benefit of the past and present Bruny Island Community to provide a central point to meet, bring friends and relatives to look for "grass roots" of the family, or in the case of new arrivals, the location they now occupy. The second purpose is to provide visitors with an ideal venue to access the many facets of the Bruny Island history as it comes to life again through the many displays available. We provide information & research to people around the world.


The History Room is staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers, who collate, catalogue, and cross-reference material as time permits.


Bev Davis (1941-2019)


Bev Davis  was a founding member of the Bruny Island Historical Society in 1987 compiling many oral histories, collecting and collating documentation of the islands’ early exploration and industries. Organising  monthly field excursions to historical sites of interest on the island, she was a driving force, along with Ruth Dillon,  behind the establishment of the Society's History Room in the former Council Chambers and Court House at Alonnah which opened in  August 1997. Bev was coordinator of the Bruny Island Historical Society for Over 30 years.

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